100_2930 We completed a fun little project for Carleton College this week. It involved constructing a shelter roof over their wood fired kiln. The kiln is constructed of fire brick and sits on a concrete base. An iron framework holds the bricks tight together. It is best to keep rain and snow off the kiln so a roof was needed. We designed a simple roof structure that accomplishes the goal.


100_3140 The roof is supported on treated wood columns. The columns rest on concrete footing piers. We bored holes into the soil and used circular forms for each of the footings. The columns are connected to the concrete100_3083 footings to both support the roof and to prevent uplift from wind. We covered the roof rafters with galvanized metal which should hold up well in our winter conditions. We took care to make sure any wood was kept away from the kiln chimney as the whole structure gets quite hot when it is fired. The art students create lots of interesting, beautiful clay products using the wood fired kiln. They are set up well now.


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