We are in the midst of a real cold spell here in Northfield, Minnesota. It is always a challenge to keep projects moving forward in such severe cold. My work crews are great and always willing to work. However, even that desire to work can be shut down when it reaches -10 to -20 below zero.

Wind is a real enemy for workers that are outside. Not only does it pull the heat away from the workers body, it is difficult to fight the wind as workers go about their tasks. Moving sheets of product, such as plywood or sheet metal, create wind planes that can whisk the material away in a split second. A sheet of steel flying through the air is very dangerous to every other worker on the site.

Erecting a plastic shelter over scaffolding in the wind can also be dangerous. The wind can grab the plastic sheeting and turn it into a sail. Workers must immediately let go of the plastic or risk being pulled over or off a scaffold. And once the shelter is up, it becomes a huge wind plane for the wind to try and topple over.

We have many tools and materials to assist us in our winter work, such as LP torches, reinforced plastic sheeting, admixtures for concrete and masonry, etc. Work continues to move forward during winter months in Minnesota, but it is not without additional risks to the workers.

I am always aware of the added dangers assoicated with winter work and allow my workers extra time and provide special equipment for winter work. I truly appreciate the fact that they have the desire to continue working in cold weather and always want to support that desire and see that they are as safe and warm as possible.


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