100_1566 This week’s more moderate temperatures have been appreciated by all construction workers. The house we are building in rural Northfield made some good progress. We have most of the windows and doors on site and are installing them.

Windows need very special attention. If not installed properly, they can cause significant water intrusion100_1568 problems. We use a flexible rubber membrane under all our windows. The membrane goes in place on the rough framing and seamlessly curves up the sides of the window opening. The window is shimmed in place on this membrane and fastened in the opening. We then cover the nailing flanges of the window with special ‘sticky tape’ to seal 100_1567the window to the house wrap. At the top of the window the house wrap is pulled out and over the ‘sticky tape’ and the top window flange. All this creates a proper drainage plane so that any water that should find its way behind the exterior finish will migrate harmlessly down and away from the building.


The wood framing for the roof structure creates interesting patterns…

 100_1571 100_1569