The demolition work on our rural whole house remodeling project has been completed. It involved the removal of the existing kitchen, two bathrooms, interior doors, trims, flooring, etc. We also removed a large portion of the front deck. Under the wood deck we found the original concrete steps and sidewallk. We are now removing that concrete and lowering the grade in the front of the house. The home had had some water problems which I believe are mainly related to improper grading at the front. By removing soils we can create a path for water to follow around the house and away from the foundation. We will be constructing a new covered front entry that will also help with water diversion.

Our work involves removal of the existing stairs to the lower level and construction of a new stairway. The old stair was a straight run to the lower level. The new stair will have two runs, with a landing at mid-point. The new stair will be much easier to travel on, with adequate sized stair treads.