West Side Porch

The drywall finishers completed the interior drywall finishing last week on our porch conversion project. This dramatically changes the interior appearance of this porch room. Previously the room was finished with beaded ceiling boards and siding, reflecting the same exterior style as the home. With the drywall and new Marvin windows in place the space changes from a porch to an extension of the home. Our next step will be installing the custom milled trim moldings.

While we were on site the owners asked us to address a moisture issue in the basement. During heavy rains water finds it way into a portion of the finished basement area. We removed a portion of the concrete basement floor and installed draintile. The tile terminates into a sump pit where a pump will lift any collected water out of the house. We have done this to quite a few homes in Northfield and it seems to resolve water intrusion issues.

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