The parking lot on Water Street along the Cannon River has been opened up for two-way traffic for some days now. When that was closed off it created some traffic ‘issues’ for the town. I know people are glad to be able to travel through the area. It is still closed to parking for now, waiting for the last of the sidewalks and landscape work to be completed.

We are working on the last of our tasks in this area. The railings, retaining walls and steps have all been completed. The final work involves creating stone gates and seats at the 5th and Water Street intersection. We have the foundation footing in place and are now working on the masonry below grade foundation. The gates and seats will have limestone facings installed and should look very nice.

Yesterday we cast the exposed concrete base for the sculpture that Ray Jacobson has created. There are recessed lights in the concrete base that will illuminate the sculpture in the evening hours. Ray’s Harvest sculpture is beautiful. I’m glad it will be placed in a place of prominence. The Northfield Area Foundation provided financial support to make this sculpture a reality in this location.


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