Picture 001 This is the time of year when cold weather can cause problems in houses. Sometimes it is something fairly simple, such as a belt breaking on a furnace, which can be repaired easily and without incident. Other times it is something more major, such as a burst water pipe. That happened lately to a client. When the water line broke it poured water out into the living areas of the home and down to the finished lower level. Our first task was to remove all the soaked carpets and pad and get ventilation and dehumidification underway. This home has plywood floors which hold up well to a quick soaking like this.

If you should have some misfortune with your home or business facility give us a call and we will promptly assist you. Northfield Construction Company works with your insurance company and adjusters to clearly identify what the damages are. We arrive at a work plan that restores your property in a quick and professional manner.