We are just about finished with our basement water control project. The perimeter of the basement concrete floor was sawn and removed and we installed rigid plastic drainage pipes. With the pipe covered with rock things are draining very well. This particular house has a significant amount of flowing water under the floor. We are capturing that water and directing it to the drainage piping. The homeowner had been using a couple of sump pumps to try and keep up with the water flow, but that only paritally worked. The site has enough grade elevation change to permit gravity flow from the newly installed draingage piping. So we brought in a small backhoe, dug a trench, and installed a solid drainage pipe from the sump basket. Now water flows freely under the basement floor into our perimeter drainage piping system, and out through the drain pipe  without ever having to be lifted by a sump pump. This is a  drainage system that will operate without electricity and should serve the homeowner well for many years.