Wallpaper or Paint?

With wallpaper making a comeback in home design, many homeowners now face the decision between wallpaper or paint. Depending on how your budget and design plans look, you’ll find advantages and disadvantages with both. We highlighted a few options you might want to consider when thinking about your home’s wall designs. What do you think? Wallpaper or paint? Don’t forget to comment below!

The Accent Pattern
Wallpaper has the ability to transform a space with an aesthetically striking pattern. Modern homes have incorporated accent walls in their living room and bedroom designs, opting for more subdued yet visually pleasing arrangements. While you can create an accent wall with colorful paint, strategically chosen wallpaper patterns may fair better in terms of new trends and room design.

The Modern Victorian
Can you imagine a victorian-style home without wallpaper? If you live in a newly remodeled victorian home or modern home with victorian elements, emphasize the architectural design by adding wallpaper to your home.

Room for Change
If you love to rearrange your rooms or repaint the walls, you might want to stick with paint. Wallpaper takes longer to remove and install. A painted wall doesn’t take nearly as long to restyle. You can easily switch between a plethora of colors with paint, not so much wallpaper.

Low Cost
Paint tends to be a lower cost than wallpaper. Unless you’re experienced with installing wallpaper, you’re more likely to hire someone to do the job for you. The wallpaper itself may be more expensive than the paint you can pick up from your local home department store. If you’re dead set on having wallpaper in your home, try incorporating an accent wall into the design, that way you’ll have the best of both worlds.

The Bathroom
If you want to wallpaper your bathroom, you may want to reconsider depending on the state of your ventilation. The warm air or dense moisture from a poorly ventilated bathroom might cause your wallpaper to prematurely peal. Unless your bathroom has good ventilation, we’d recommend sticking with paint.


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