100_3165 We have had lots of activity on our East side home this past week. Early in the week we installed a new water service to the home. This involved excavating out into Nevada Street and connecting to the existing ductile iron water main. The existing water service was a small lead service that could not be used again. Once the water main was exposed plumbers from Pumper Plumbing made what we call a ‘wet tap’. This involves attaching a device to the water main with chains and making a screw connection for a new corporation water valve in the main….while the main is under water pressure. It is always interesting to see this take place—hopefully without incident. I do remember one time many years ago when the tap didn’t hold and we quickly had water everywhere! Fortunately, the plumbers did a good job and everything went well.

100_3192 The carpenters set the roof trusses in place and installed much of the roof sheathing. This is a big job not made any easier by a fairly confined site. We can only access the north side of the home with lifting equipment so all the materials have to be brought up and over the ridge. The home is starting to ‘look like the drawings’ now that the roof has some definition.


100_3191 For the past few days we have had a crew on site doing underground boring for the geo-thermal heating system. They are using a horizontal boring rig to run about 150’ of tubing 8’-10’ underground. They have a total of six lines….three out and three back….which will provide the ground sourced heating and cooling needs for the home. This heating and cooling system is very efficient and will have very low operational costs.