As part of my legislative duties, I was invited to speak with the Trondhjem Lutheran Church adult forum last Sunday. Northfield Construction Company just finished up work on their expansion and remodeling project. A week ago was the first church service in the ‘new’ sanctuary.

There was a nice group of people assembled in the new fellowship hall. Located on the east side of the building, it catches lots of morning sunlight and is a very nice gathering space.

They included a fireplace in the fellowship hall which I’m sure will be well used on those cold winter evenings.

I espcially like the covered entry area. Cars can pull up on a circle drive and drop-off or pick-up parishoners, all the while staying out of the rain or snow.

Trondhjem Lutheran Church is a busy, growing congregation. Earlier in the morning I attended a Lions Pancake Breakfast in Lonsdale. I chatted with Mayor Tim Rud and he commented that Trondhjem is always in use….he said it doesn’t matter if he goes by at 9:00AM or 9:00PM it seems there are cars in the parking lot.

I’m glad we were able to assist this congregation with their building needs and that they are enjoying the new facility.


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