100_1738 Interior trim work is well underway at our Second100_1740 Street addition and remodeling project. The cabinets have all been installed and look wonderful. The clients selected a beautiful granite material for their countertops. The stone has many colors and looks warm and rich set against the cabinets.

100_1741 The kitchen flooring is a true linoleum product. Linoleums went out of favor starting in the 1970’s as no-wax vinyl flooring became popular. But true linoleum—made from sawdust, limestone, linseed oil and pigments—as a fantastic product. It is easy on your feet if you are in the kitchen a lot. It is much more forgiving when glasses or plates are dropped compared to harder materials. The pale blue color and the design and appearance is so soft and natural.

100_1744 We are using oak plinth blocks at the door casings. Plinths are larger rectangular pieces of wood. Plinths allow a transition between thinner running trim on the door jambs and the thicker base. In this case the base is ¾” thick and has a cap on top of it. The casing is 9/16” thick and comes down on top of the plinth.



   I also like the undermount salad sink these clients selected. That, combined with the single base faucet, make a very nice installation and easy cleaning around the sink.