Three Links Senior Living Remodel

Northfield Construction is completing a large project with Three Links, a senior living residence facility.

Our work is taking place on an 84-unit apartment building for seniors and low-income individuals. We are remodeling 8 of the 85 units in the building to meet the UFAS handicap requirements with new bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces. Put simply, the entire unit is getting an overhaul.

In addition to that project, we are:

  • Replacing 547 doors in the building
  • Replacing the showers and the vanities in 72 bathrooms
  • Replacing the existing boilers
  • Upgrading the HVAC in the dining area
  • Installing new cabinets in the kitchens of three other units
  • Providing elevator upgrades
  • Repainting several areas of the building
  • Providing a new fire protection system to the entire building, which it never had before. With the new fire protection system, we are also replacing the acoustical ceilings on two of the three floors in the building.
  • Providing a new emergency nurse call system in the building with remotes for individual areas
  • Upgrading flooring

Our project also extends beyond interior work. For exterior improvements, we are:

  • Upgrading sidewalks and concrete handicap ramps on the exterior
  • Sealcoating and re-stripping parking areas to meet handicap code
  • Re-grading areas on the grounds to provide better drainage
  • Completing stucco repairs on the existing exterior
  • Providing landscaping upgrades


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