100_2779 We have started our work to remodel the kitchens in the Three Links apartment building we are in the process of renovating. Most of the kitchens in the living units have been in use over 30 years and are in need of updating. The existing cabinets have a very dark finish and many of the drawers and doors have operational problems. In addition, the original stove was just a 24” wide unit, with no light or ventilation over it.


100_2778 Our workers remove the existing cabinets and100_2780 appliances and see that electrical revisions are made. We then install all new oak cabinets with new plastic laminate countertops. The cabinet configuration is slightly revised which allows us to install a new 30” range with a 30” lighted range hood above it. Many of the apartments also receive new flooring creating a very updated living unit. We have had many comments from the residents about how much they like the light oak cabinets and new appliances.


100_2781 The window installation work is moving along well too. The windows were ordered to fit exactly into the existing window openings. With a new solid surface window sill in place the windows should serve the residents well for years and years.


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