Protecting Your Home From Summer Storms

Summer is a season characterized by beautiful sunshine and blue skies. While this is often the case, we Minnesotans also receive a perilous pounding of summer storms. Beyond the inconvenience of cancelled soccer tournaments and finding your umbrella, these storms can also wreak havoc on your home. Here are a few tips to protect your home:

Clean gutters.

Even a bit of rain can have a negative impact on your property if gutters aren’t properly cleaned. If you don’t want to hire a professional to clean them out, be sure to take the proper safety precautions when cleaning them yourself. A pressure washer with the proper extension can prove quite useful.

Prepare your family for emergencies.

If severe weather strikes, your family needs to be on the same page. Establish a set meeting place, collect the necessary emergency supplies, and have a plan to communicate with loved ones. Consider purchasing a backup generator to minimize the inconvenience and stay safe. Get more details here.

Check your insurance policy.

Review your property insurance policy and become familiar with what coverages you have. For example, some policies pay the full replacement costs of a new roof, some pay lesser amounts, and some policies depreciate the useful life of the roof.

Trim foliage.

Regularly trim your trees and remove large, dead branches. These branches can become hazardous during a storm, as they are easily ripped off by the wind and can become projectiles.

Look for roof damage afterward.

Even if your roof does not appear damaged, you should contact your insurance company and have it inspected. Chances are the roof has been damaged. Hail damage is not always readily apparent to untrained eyes looking at the roof from the ground. You should have an inspection performed on the roof itself.

Inspect the full exterior.

Make sure you look at the roofs, siding, windows, etc…. the full exterior envelope you your home. Siding can easily be damaged by hail, as can roofs. If you have a skylight even though it may not appear broken, the seals on the glass can be damaged. Again, careful inspection of all areas is needed.

Hire the right professionals.

If you contract with a firm to make repairs to your home, make sure the firm is reputable. You should have a signed contract that clearly spells out what is going to be done, when it is going to be done, and how much it will cost. Materials should be identified clearly so that you understand what is being used on your home.

It is also very, very important to make sure that anyone that works on your home is properly licensed by the State of Minnesota. They also should provide you with evidence of current liability insurance and Workers Compensation insurance. Without proper insurance, you could be exposed to various claims from workers.

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