100_1834 With the warmer weather of the past few day the100_1836 stucco contractor has been working preparing our rural house project for stucco. This process starts by installing a layer of ‘Jumbo-Tex’ water resistant fabric on the walls. Over this they apply an expanded galvanized metal mesh, called lath. The cement stucco will be applied to the lath. They use edge metals around the door and window openings.

Some of the flooring is being installed in the home as well. The installers were100_1837 working with a new type of vinyl floor tile in the kitchen and laundry area when I was at the house yesterday. The tiles are 18 inches square and very thick. It is a nice looking product and one we’ve not used before.

100_1839 The whirlpool tub has been set in place. It has a small ceramic tile deck and will get the same tile against the rear walls. The front of the whirlpool deck has an oak panel system to allow access to the plumbing and electrical connections.