Steps to Plan Your New Custom Built Home

You’ve decided to build a house. Great! You’ve found the perfect lot and downloaded a plan from the internet that you think might work. What’s next?

Northfield Construction Company is a full-service contractor that specializes in CUSTOM homes. We don’t have “favorite” plans you can choose from on pre-determined lots; we build what you want, where you want it.

Together, we’ll work through the following steps:
– Initial Meeting: You’ll meet with one of our project managers to discuss the project and your desired timeline. What’s the most important topic of conversation? The budget. Be sure you know what you’re qualified for and how much money you must/can put down. Together we can review your dream home ideas to make sure it’s affordable and feasible for you and your family.
– Review the Floor Plan: Next, a survey of the lot is ordered, and the house plans are sent to a drafter. At this stage, we can adjust an existing plan to make it work with the layout of your lot or start from scratch with a draftsperson to sketch out your dream home. Do you want a golf simulator in the basement? Sure, we can make that happen. Would you love a large bathroom to fit a sauna? Absolutely.
– Obtain Bids: Once plans are finalized, we will get bids from suppliers. Our team does the framing and finishing work, but we aren’t experts in things like electrical or plumbing; we bring in other professionals. Also, we collect bids from flooring companies based on your desired materials (wood, carpet, LVT, tile, etc.). To keep your project aligned with your budget, we request bids from multiple suppliers and contractors.
– Finalize Contract and Make Selections: Now that we have a more solid number around what it will take to get your home built, we present the final contract to you. Once you sign, we send you out to make selections for cabinets, flooring, appliances, lighting, etc. We meet regularly to discuss the budget, timeline, and progress. We are there with you through every step and look forward to making your vision a reality (in approximately 4-5 months).

If you’ve considered building a home, reach out and talk through the project with a trusted professional. We’d love the opportunity to be that partner. To see more examples of our work, check out our residential gallery. Cheers and happy home building!



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