100_3847 Work is moving along well with the new Art Studio building we are constructing. On a building like this it is very important to carefully prepare shop drawings for the structural steel needed. We did that many weeks ago and sent the drawings to the steel fabricators to fabricate for us. The steel arrived and was unloaded on site. Then we go to work erecting the steel and finding out how well the shop drawings were reviewed. All is fine.


100_3849 The first task was setting the beams and columns. The beams are large (6”x 6”) and are supported on the concrete foundation by heavy bearing plates. the bearing plates are bolted to the foundation with large bolts. Once set in place non-shrinking cement based grout is placed under the bearing plate to provide an absolutely smooth and solid base.


100_3867 When the beams and columns have been set we move100_3882 on to setting the roof joists…called bar joists. These are long metal trusses that span the entire 50’ width of the building. We bolt them in place, then come back and weld them to the beams. Steel bracing is used to connect the joists together. The work moves along quickly using powered scissor lifts, forklifts and personnel boom lifts. On top of the joists we fasten ribbed metal decking, again welding it in place.


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