The past week or so was one of the best in Minnesota for me. Labor Day brings the Great Minnesota State Fair to a closure, after an exciting 10 day run. Ellen and I spent Sunday a week ago at the fair. It was perfect weather and lots of other folks joined us there!!

100_0607 One of my favorite things to do is give the machinery a good look. Machinery Hill isn’t what it100_0606 was when I was a child spending time at the fair, but it still has some great things to look at. This year there was a nice selection of Minneapolis-Moline tractors on display. These were solid old tractors produced right here in Minneapolis for many years.


100_0619 I also like to visit the energy building. It has more and better things each year. There was a large selection of ‘green building’ ideas, ranging from electricity100_0608 production to recycling to composting. There were several interactive booths this year that were getting a good workout. While waking around I ran into Dean Barkley at his booth. Dean is running for Minnesota Senate in the Independence Party. He put in a lot of time at the fair this year, as did most of our state-wide office candidates. We ended out day with a ride over and back across the fair on the cable gondola. That is a fun way to see the fair grounds and give you a good idea how many people and exhibits it holds!

Then last weekend we spent time in Carlton County at Jay Cooke State Park. We took a long hike on one of the many trails the park folks maintain. We started off at the ‘swinging bridge’ over the St. Louis River.

     100_0660 100_0662 100_0673

There were many fall wildflowers in the park. I couldn’t find any of the Showy Ladyslipper as I had in the past, but did find lots of other pretty flowers…

   100_0669 100_0670 100_0671


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