The architectural, historical preservation and building community lost a true giant of a man yesterday when Charlie Nelson died. He was the Minnesota State Historical Architect for many,many years. Charlie had a true passion for taking care of all architecture. He would never hesitate to jump in his car and drive to meet with some historical society in a far corner of the state if they needed him. He helped people understand how to take care of buildings and artifacts, but also helped them understand why it is necessary to do so.

Northfield Construction Company worked on a few projects that involved Charlie Nelson, such as the Northfield First National Band remodeling, work on the Scriver Building for the Northfield Historical Society. etc.

Whenever I see work taking place on our public buildings I think of Charlie. Right now the state capitol has some plaster and paint restoration work being completed……

There is one panel where the new work is contrasted with the older, somewhat dingy existing work. I suspect some of the dingyness is due to a combination of smoke discoloration and non-colorfast paint coatings.

There also is a nice panelboard explaining what is being done to the capitol ceiling, and just exactly how the work is accomplished….

Everyone that cares about our historic buildings or is involved in repairing and preserving our buildings will miss Charlie Nelson and his good works.


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