My family and I attended the community picnic hosted by St. Olaf College last night. It was a wonderful event….over 1,400 people in attendance. When I signed up for it last month I had no idea so many community members would attend. St. Olaf sent invitations to alumni and close-by neighbors, but then also invited the entire community via news postings.

It was great to visit with so many friends and neighbors. An event like this allows me to see people that I happen to miss for some reason in my normal daily activities. For example, I hadn’t seen my neighbors Lowell and Barbara Johnson for several weeks. I visited with them and learned they had been vacationing in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

I was able to visit with St. Olaf President Christopher Thomforde and thank him for inviting the community to the event. Chris again thanked me for my work in the Legislature and said how much St. Olaf appreciates my positions stated in the higer education committee. The House had to battle hard this year to keep the student grants programs funded. The student grants programs is something I used to go to college, my children use and I truly believe it is essential to keep it intact.

I hope St. Olaf was pleased with the event and will continue it in the upcoming years.


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