Last week Ellen and I were in Arizona and New Mexico on vacation. It was good to be in another part of the country, although we seemed to bring some of Minnesota’s winter weather with us.

Our first stop was in Tombstone, AZ where they had 6” of snow the day before we arrived. That created real problems for those folks, with schools cancelled and most things closed down. They don’t have plows available to deal with such an amount of snow. One of the curious things I saw in Tombstone was a 2.5” diameter fire hose connection.

We typically see fire hydrants fed with 6” mains. Tombstone had a few of these connections around town. I assume they had small mains in the streets and use these ‘miniature hydrants’ as a branch off the small mains.

Traveling on we came across a log cabin under construction.

The logs are being scribed by hand, just as some folks do in this area. The roof system is being constructed using standard dimensional lumber.

This utility building has survived many Arizona winters……

The construction was rather unique for me. It appeared that the inner and outer wood facings were erected, with the center area filled with an adobe type material.

Right next to this building I found a very old store, which was still in use. The desert winds are tough on buildings, but the dry climate seems to preserve them.

There also is a lot of adobe construction in this part of the country. Adobe is a mix of dirt and straw that is formed into bricks and air dried. Sometimes it is covered with another material on the exterior, such as cement stucco. But often the adobe is left to weather, like this building….

Continuing my interest in old gas stations, in Bisbee I came across this one…

In Silver City, New Mexico I found another fine old gas station…..

There is a lot of old wind power still in use in this part of the country. Lots of ranches have windmills to pump water for cattle. Wind was even used in this state park to pump water at one time….

It was fun to see how things were done many years ago in this area!


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