Smaller Residential Projects

Not all construction projects have to be new homes or big commercial buildings. You might just be tired of looking at your 1980’s cabinets, fluorescent lighting and tiled countertops. Or, you’d like to remodel a room to better suit your needs. Let our experts at NCC take a look and see what options are available within your budget to create a space you love.

Even in the smallest room in the house, the bathroom, a shower remodel can have a huge impact on your daily routine and the beauty of your home.  We recently completed this remodel that included a cultured marble countertop, luxury vinyl tile and custom cabinetry.

Finding a space designated for the kids and their toys might be essential for household sanity. At the Severson home, we were able to creatively expand a small space by changing a landing into a larger play area for their son, Maverick.


Or, boost your curb appeal as we did for the home below with pre-finished LP lap siding and Marvin windows.


At Northfield Construction, it is our goal to create unique and functional spaces using quality materials while maintaining close attention to detail and customer service. Big or small, whatever your project, we can point you in the right direction. How can we help bring your house into the new decade?


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