If you are a regular reader of this website you most likely have noticed that Northfield Construction Company handles a wide variety of construction projects. We have a very talented group of workers that are very comfortable working on large projects… such as the First National Bank-South that we completed 10 months ago..to smaller residential repairs and remodeling.

Last week we wrapped up a small project for a client. The work involved a mix of trades, from concrete and block masonry to carpentry. It is pretty typical on smaller projects to have a variety of trades involved and none of them have a large share of the work. On this project we repaired the lower level exit steps, installed a new window, and constructed a new deck. The home had some steps into the backyard from the door, but did not have a deck by the patio door. Our work really enhanced the access and use of the lower level.

If you have a repair or remodeling project please give us a call or email. We are happy to take on all types of work regardless of the size of the project.


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