It is not an easy job running a small business. The government generally defines small businesses as an independent business with fewer than 500 employees. When you operate a business with 30 employees you “wear many hats” as you work to keep things running on a smooth and even keel.

I ran across an article in a publication that presented some interesting facts about small businesses in the United States:

* 99.7% of all employers own small businesses.
* Small businesses employ more than half of all private sector employees.
*Small businesses generate 60-80% of net new jobs annually.
*Small businesses created three-quarters of the new jobs in the US between 1999-2000.
* Small businesses pay 44.5% of the total US private payroll.
*Small businessed employ 39% of high-tech workers such as scientists, engineers, etc.

In 2002 it is estimated that there are 22.9 million small businesses in the United States. I’m pleased to be operating a small businesses, and think I have the greatest workers available working with me. One of my goals as a business person is to always treat my workers in the best manner I can. That has served me well as I am able to retain good, quality people. Running a small business can really have its ups and downs, but overall I find it a rewarding experience. Northfield Construction Company works hard to produce reasonably priced, quality projects and in turn the Northfield area community recognizes that effort and supports the company.

It is especially rewarding to be asked again and again by customers to perform work for them. We are just getting ready to start a project for a long time client. This project will be the seventh construction proejct we have worked on for this customer. As I tell my employees time and time again….that kind of loyalty cannot be purchased through advertising… can only be earned by quality hard work and honesty….and that is what we deliver to our clients.