Six Home Trends for 2015

We’ve got a couple of trends you’ll want to look out for in 2015! From popular colors to home design, we’ll cover all of the important new home trends you may want to consider for your next remodel. What’s your favorite new home trend? Comment below!

Coral – Look out for this hot trending color. Homeowners are incorporating coral into their home designs – from coral furniture accents to coral bathroom tiling. This warming pastel blends well with other primary colors and monochromatic palettes.

Open Space Design – We mentioned before how open space design has become a big trend in the new housing market. The trend continues in 2015. New homeowners value the open space design as the lack of walls creates a sense of familial togetherness. It also makes small spaces appear larger.

Fireplaces – We’re seeing a comeback for home fireplaces. The hearth, once a gathering place for the family, makes its way back into new home designs. Homeowners are choosing less ornate materials to build their fireplaces, using concrete varieties or inexpensive stone.

Hidden Charging Stations – We live in the technology age, which means we have a lot of exposed cords lying around the home. To prevent animals or children from accessing exposed cords, homeowners are installing hidden charging stations for their phones or tablets. They’re also reducing exposure by mounting their stationary electronics’ cords on the wall or behind molding.

Small Spaces – If you’ve been on social media or have surfed around the internet lately, you will have noticed articles or pictures highlighting the tiny house movement. While the tiny house movement doesn’t necessarily identify with recent home trends (it started trending long before 2015), it does represent a trend towards new homeowners reducing their home size and building smaller living spaces. A reductions of space helps homeowners save money on expenses like heating and the cost of building materials, while its less impactful on the environment.

Creative Storage – Going along with the small space trend, homeowners are getting creative with their storage, utilizing space like we’ve never seen before. From room platforms with floor storage to imaginative fold-away furniture, homeowners incorporate innovative storage spaces in their smaller home designs.

For more 2015 home trends, here’s a great article from Realtor Magazine.


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