We have been busy working on a project at Seneca Foods in Montgomery. Their canning season is just getting into full production and they needed a roof over some of the operations that have been added. Time is precious in this industry so we quickly measured existing conditions and proposed a project to meet their needs. Due to the amount of water used in the process it works much better to construct facilities using concrete and steel as opposed to wood. This most recent project involved steel columns and beams, with cross framing on the roof supporting steel roofing. The Seneca workers installed the equipment under the roof and are testing it and getting ready to put it into production.

I’m pleased that we were able to quickly assist Seneca Foods on this project. While we were working on site it reminded me of working for Green Giant many years ago between after high school and between college years. I drove a truck hauling shelled peas and corn to the Montgomery plant which is now this Seneca Foods plant.


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