When you consider contracting with a builder for a construction project it is important to first make sure the firm has the capabilities to perform the identified work properly. This often includes doing some background research that may include:
• Assessing financial condition of the firm. Do they pay their bills on time?
• Evaluating owned equipment of the firm
• Evaluating company personnel, both for ability to perform and for quality of work
• Asses how the firm handles changes to the work
• Determine if projects are generally completed on time
• Does the firm have good working relationships with local vendors and material suppliers?
• Visiting with local architects and designers about relationships they have with the contractor

One of the best ways to gather information on a construction firm is to visit with recent clients. Any contractor should be happy to furnish you with a list of customers, with projects matched to the project you are considering. You would typically ask for this information to be brought to an interview with the contractor you are considering.

It is possible for building contractors to ‘get in over their head’ on a project. If you travel on state highway 56 near Stanton, MN I’m sure you have seen this collapsed shed…..

I don’t know who constructed the shed or what went on with it, but I know I saw it standing for some time without proper wall bracing. I suspect that with the roof installed it caught too much wind load on the un-braced walls and simply could not stand the applied forces.


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