The carpenters have moved on to the second floor walls on the Second Street home we are building. As with the first floor, the second floor exterior walls are made with structural insulated panels (SIPS). The interior wall framing is conventional 2×4 construction.

The second floor joists are open web floor trusses. This allows us to install mechanical and electrical components without much difficulty….

A nice feature of this home is a small basement room under the front concrete stoop. It will provide good storage area at not great cost. We have not poured the stoop yet, so you can see the room just outside and below the front door.

Grove Landscaping is on site installing the retaining wall alongside the garage. They will also install an area well retaining wall system for the basement egress window.

The Rice County Habitat for Humanity home next door to this home has moved along very well….

Don Pavek and the folks at College City Homes are coordinating the work on this home. I thank Don and all the folks that he has involved in the project. It will be a great place for a family to live and raise their children.


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