DSCF2756 This week we started another addition to a home in Northfield. We worked with this client for several weeks planning the addition and remodeling project. Some years ago we added a third floor to this home, so we were very familiar with the structure. In this project we had to address several load bearing issues.


We decided to use a cast-in-place concrete foundationDSCF2752 for the addition. The home has a concrete block foundation. However, with the significant concentrated loads that we have to deal with, we felt a reinforced concrete wall would be a better choice. The workers set the aluminum forms for the wall. We could not get a concrete pump truck into the back yard so we parked it in front and placed the boom over the existing home to reach the wall forms.

Stay tuned as this project moves forward. And if you have an interest in a home addition or remodeling project, give us a call at 507-645-8975. We are prepared to work with you to develop a project design that suits your needs and budget.

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