100_4326C We started a screen house project this week. It consists of building a small…12’x 15’…screen house in the rear portion of the homeowners lot. Even though it is a detached small structure it still is required to have a proper foundation. For this project we decided to use a pier foundation. To do this we bored nine 18” diameter holes approximately 48” below grade.

Once the holes were bored we placed concrete. Yesterday was an ‘iffy’ day to do100_4330C concrete work, but late in the afternoon it cleared and work progressed. We filled each of the holes with about a foot of concrete. Letting that firm up for a bit, we poured some other small areas including a small step and some sidewalk. Then we set 8” and 10” diameter concrete forms on top of the footing base, inserted steel reinforcing rods, and filled the forms with concrete. Doing that always is a job as it usually involves shoveling most of the concrete from the wheelbarrows.

100_4337 At the end of the job we were a happy, but somewhat wet and mosquito bitten crew!


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