How To Save Money On New Home Construction

Many clients ask us how they can save money when building a new home. Investing in a new home is a big step, but it can be made more financially manageable with a few simple swaps.

It is important to note that you need to build the systems and structures of the house the right way, and never cut corners. There are a few essential components of the house that will be expensive to fix later on, so make sure you do these areas the right way. You’ll save yourself, time, money, and a big headache.

On the other hand, there are a some options to save money on smaller factors.

Items that can be easily swapped out in the future:


Opt for appliances that are older, or even mismatched. This gives you time to find good deals, and make bigger purchases like this down the road.


If granite is a key part of your dream kitchen, you may want to hold off on installation. Until you are ready to invest, you can find less expensive countertops that still look beautiful.

Floor finishes

This project can be not only expensive, but also time consuming. You can hold off on floor finishes in low-traffic areas for a while until you are ready to invest.

Items that can be built out or added later:


Until you’ve settled into your new home, your basement will make for a great storage area. After you have spent some time in your new home, you will come upon the proper use for the basement and be able to custom finish it.

Bonus rooms

Guest rooms, exercise spaces, and workshops are all great spaces to have in your new home, but they aren’t essential to your family’s everyday life. If you are looking to save some money early on, opt to hold off on these rooms, and finish them only as much as is necessary.


As you wait to build out your deck, be sure you keep the patio door safely locked for children. Until you’re ready, you can make use of the lower-level patio.


Your driveway is an easy upgrade. If your builder agrees, and the time of year is right, opt to leave a smooth dirt driveway until you are ready to pay for paving.


Landscaping is a finishing touch for your home, but it’s something you can invest in over time. You can choose greenery that will grow and spread over time to create a filled-out lawn.


While backsplashes will give your home an extra touch, your kitchen and bathrooms can still look polished without them.

It’s important to discuss these decisions with your builder during the planning phases. They can take steps to minimize the cost and difficulty of making changes in the future.


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  • NCCBlog

    Posted on Aug 04, 2016 at 16:48 pm

    I think everyone that is set on building a new home is wanting to save a lot of money. I like the advice you said about items that can be swapped out in the future. It might make the work a little bit easier and make it so that you don't feel the need to buy everything brand new right away. You don't want to be spending money on things that you don't have the money for.

    • NCCBlog

      Posted on Sep 02, 2016 at 17:14 pm

      We couldn't agree more!

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