All Saints Episcopal Church Addition and Remodel | Northfield, MN

Despite dealing with a very tough winter we have been making excellent progress with our All Saints Episcopal Church project at 5th and Washington. All of the exterior siding and roofing work was completed some time ago. We’ve now focused on finishing the interior spaces. The rooms look great once the windows are trimmed out. The architects selected a nice size and arrangement of the Marvin windows.

The mechanical room, like most mechanical rooms, is quickly filling up with the various furnaces, duct work, water lines, etc. The separate furnaces on this project enable the congregation to conserve fuel by not overly heating or cooling unused rooms. It also permits much better air quality control for offices and classrooms when they are in use.

There are a couple of large spaces in the basement that can be used for multi-purpose rooms. They don’t have a high level of finishes at this time as the church wants to wait and see what the best use if for the rooms.

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