Rural Remodeling

We are just finishing up on our rural remodeling and siding project. Our work involved coordinating the installation of a new PVC roof membrane on the flat roof areas. We included new tapered insulation to give positive flow for water. With the recent rains it was tested well and performed admirably. During the work we discovered several areas where water had been getting behind the existing metal siding and causing deterioration of the walls. The owner suspected this was happening in some locations, but other locations it was a surprise. We have repaired those areas and installed many new windows as part of our work. The last task we are doing is installing new fiber-cement board siding on the modified dining room area. The owner plans to do more siding on his own at a later date. Some of the new siding will be installed with battens, as we have done here, and some will be installed using ‘E-Z-Strips’ to create a clean uninterrupted face. The views from this hilltop location are beautiful, made all the nicer when looking out the many new Andersen windows.


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