Last Friday I met with Tom Andrews at the Cannon Valley Coop in Northfield.

Tom ran 500 miles across Minnesota to publicize and support E85 fuel. Tom was in Northfield as his last stop before he ended his run in St. Paul. He was running daily between fuel stations that sell ethanol. Local supporters and press have greeted him at every stop, encouraging him on his E85 publicity journey.

Tom is making a tremendous personal statement by expending this great personal energy for a good cause like clean air and agricultural support. His wife and young child follow along in an E85 powered vehicle. After visiting with Tom, I know he and his family will be glad to have the run over and get back to their normal lives!

E85 is a blended fuel made primarily from ethanol derived from corn….about 85% ethanol and 15% petroleum products. Many vehicles today are designed to run on E85. My own family car burns the fuel, runs fine and gets excellent fuel mileage. The great thing about E85 is that it not only burns cleaner than regular petroleum based fuels, but it also supports the local agriculture economy through the use of locally grown corn and the operation of the ethanol plants.

There are several ethanol plants in Minnesota producing this product. The state supports ethanol production up to .13 cents per gallon, with limits on total individual plant production. By supporting the industry in this manner I hope it can progress to a point that it becomes totally self-supporting and profitable for the plant owners without any state subsidy.

We all gain from ethanol use. As Tom Andrews posters say “Run Tom Run”… and help us all understand, become familiar with and use ethanol…a Minnesota product.