I’m a member of the Northfield Rotary Club. I enjoy the weekly lunch meetings and look forward to whatever presentation is planned for the meeting. We have about 125 active members of the club and get good attendance.

Last Thursday we honored Nalongue Bomane Cogan, wife of member Charlie Cogan, with a Paul Harris Fellowship (PHF) award. A PHF is given when one makes a significant financial and social contribution to a Rotary sponsored program. The financial contribution can be from someone else. Nalongue’s work was to create a serology lab in Togo.

Nalongue works at the Northfield Care Center. Nalongue’s youngest brother, Raphael Bilimpo Bomane died in 1996 from hepatitis B. It was a death that could have been avoided with a good blood lab. With that in mind, Nalongue worked to see that a serology lab was created in Togo.

Arsene Tindame of the Dapaong Rotary Club in Dapaong, Togo handled things on the Togo end. Rotary Clubs in Northfield, Farmington, Faribault and Evanston, Illinois all contributed funds to make this vital labratory a reality. Working together Rotary International was able to provide a much needed labratory and hopefully prevent some un-necessary illness.

Congratulations to Nalongue and Charlie Cogan for their great work on this project.