This weekend Northfield held its annual Defeat of Jesse James Days event. The weather was perfect for a community wide celebration like this. There are lots of events for people to select from during the weekend long celebration. We have a tractor pull, old car show, rodeo, parade, bike tour, running races, arts shows, drama production, and many other things. I help with the Rotary bike tour and we had a great one this year.

Rotary Bike Tour 010 The Rotary bike tour offers rides for everyone, from a 10 mile family ride on to the 30, 45, 60 and 100 mile distance rides. We get bikers from all over the area to assemble at our Middle School early on Saturday andRotary Bike Tour 007 head out to bike through our lovely countryside. The Rotary club staffs rest breaks along the way that have food and water. We monitor the routes with ‘sag wagons’ for people that are having difficulties with the ride. It is a lot of work, but a wonderful way for the Rotary club to earn some funds and for the participants to have a great time on their bikes. We also had Erik’s Bikes at the event again this year ready to assist anyone that had a mechanical problem with their bike.

Rotary Bike Tour 009 I was working the early morning shift and saw all kinds of bikes. There were several recumbent type bikes thatRotary Bike Tour 017 looked very comfortable. The rider of one of them told me “you could just about fall asleep riding it”. There were several tandem bikes. This yellow one was a very nice lightweight style. Others were set up so that a child could ride along with an adult.

Rotary Bike Tour 022

Rotary Bike Tour 011 Rotary Bike Tour 027



Rotary Bike Tour 028  Rotary Bike Tour 002   Rotary Bike Tour 008 Rotary Bike Tour 003

What a great way to spend time together supporting a good cause!


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