We are working at finishing up a room addition on Third Street in Northfield. The owners of this house have been very good clients—we have completed several remodeling projects for them.

I very much appreciate how they care about matching the historical character of their home. There are plenty of folks that own older homes that cover them in various synthetic siding materials so that they no longer have the crisp, clean lines of an historic home. It takes some care to plan an addition or remodeling that suits the home and suits the owners needs.

In this instance we have used accurate siding, wood trimmed Marvin windows, matching trims, doors, etc. The one concession we made was not using real stone for the foundation—we used a textured concrete block. However, as you look at older homes you can see the foundations have changed quite a bit over the years, from stacked stones, to shaped mortared stone, to ‘pillow blocks’, to standard concrete block, etc. The foundations seem to be the one thing that changed the most over the past 125 years of home construction.

This room additon and remodel should provide years of excellent service to the owner. It looks great and blends in with this histoical home.


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