Last month we started construction on a large remodeling project for the River of Life Church in Hastings, Minnesota.

This work involves a total rebuilding of the existing church facility with a few small additions to accommodate new entrances. The building will end up with all new mechanicals, electrical, windows, roof, etc. While we are underway and moving along well, the project did not start out smoothly for the congregation.

I started visiting with the architect for this project last June. The church was planning their project and I was interested in doing the work. They ended up on a faster time line than I could work with, electing to start the work in August. Northfield Construction Company was simply too busy last fall to take on any new work, so I had to decline the opportunity to bid the project.

The church hired a contractor to do the required demolition and Phase Two work, which involved all the roofing, windows, etc necessary to totally secure and enclose the building. Work started late last fall but then slowed down quite a bit. In January the contractor was attempting to set some of the large new roof trusses when they became unstable and toppled. Many of the trusses were broken or damaged and a couple workers were injured. The church lost confidence in the contractor and called to see if we would be able to take over the job.

No contractor really likes to work on projects that have had a “rocky” start to them and an earlier contractor has been let go. I’ve occasionally stepped in and done so, and those projects all seemed to move forward properly, so I decided to do that in this case for the River of Life Church. We worked with the architect, Loren Abraham, to confirm costs and details.

In March we started work on the site. The first thing we needed to do was get the roof trusses set and work at making the building watertight. We are doing that now, and just about have all the new roof in place. We have also excavated for the new additions and are installing those foundations.

While this is not the “normal” way a project starts, I’m pleased that we can assist the River of Life Church with their project. They are a growing, dedicated congregation that will thoroughly enjoy their “new” church. We will be on the site for several more months completing the work. We’ll add more photos to their gallery as we go.


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