For the past 9 months we have been working on a large remodeling project for the River of Life Church in Hastings, Minnesota. We are drawing to a close on our work. I was on the site today to look things over. Craig Vold, a Senior Project Manager with Northfield Construction Company has done a superb job managing a difficult project. Craig has been supported by his cousin, Field Superintendent Jim Vold.

These two talented individuals, assisted by just about every other Northfield Construction Company employee at different times, have taken this 1920’s building and fully modernized it. The builiding now contains an elevator, new handicapped accessible toilets, bright classrooms, new mechanical and electrical systems, all new windows and roofing…..a 21st Century building in a older skin!

Our work included constructing two cupolas on the roof. One cupola has windows in the sidewalls and is centered over a large light well in the sanctuary.

This allows light to flood into the large space. The other cupola is similar in architectural details, but does not have windows and is used for capping the elevator shaft.

The new windows should serve the congregation for many years. They are clad Andersen windows. We installed matching metal trims extending between the edge of the window and the existing brick masonry. This detail not only looks good, but it requires no periodic painting and is a very tight weather seal.

The building had some existing features that have been preserved. The upper youth room includes an arch top window.

In the same room the exising interior decorative roof trusses were left intact. We filled in some walls and built around the trusses, creating some interesting features. The youth room is the second level where the sanctuary used to be located.

Our work involved creating a new sanctuary where offices and classrooms had been located. This is a wonderful open space ready to be carpeted and filled with seating. It has wonderful windows and also contains new electronic media equipment.

One of the challenges of a total remodeling and renovation project like this is fitting all the new mechanical equipment into the building. We have a very full main mechanical room as well as some remote fan rooms. The building is fully air conditioned now which will be greatly appreciated on warm, muggy Minnesota days.

The lower level classrooms are also bright and cheery. We added proper exiting for this area and it should work well for Christian education, daycare and other purposes.

I’ll try to get some photographs of the project when it is fully completed with floor finishes and all trims, lights and seating in place. This congregation can be proud of accomplishing this major remodeling project. All of us at Northfield Construction Company have enjoyed working with them on this project, and working some owner supplied labor into the work.


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