100_0982 Work at our river house remodeling project has been moving along very nicely. Last week we completed the painting of the ceiling and walls. The walls throughout are a soft blue color. That stands out nicely against the painted white doors and trims. The existing doors and trims were dark stained oak. The painters used an excellent heavy bodied primer that filled the open grain wood well. Then a couple of coats of white enamel made the painted materials look great. The views of the river and fall colors from the new windows is truly spectacular.

100_0985 We are now working on the hardwood floor installation. We are using 2.25” red oak prefinished flooring. We have had excellent results with this product. It has a 25 year finish on it and installs quickly. We are installing it over a waterproof underlayment paper which helps control any moisture problems.

100_0987 The exterior work on the house is just about completed as well. We matched textured plywood siding on the home and painted it to match the colors. The windows and doors are wrapped with a small cedar trim board.


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