The work we are doing on a house along a river is moving along nicely. Our first task mainly dealt with constructing the deck for the project. We used an engineered composite material called Trex for the decking, attached to decay resistant structural lumber. It looks very nice and should serve the client well for many years.

The architect for the project, Paul Neseth with Locus Architecture, designed a trellis or pergola for the deck. The trellis will provide filtered light for the deck which will catch full summer sun. It is supported on 6×6 columns. We arrived at a fairly simple cut detail for the ends of the structural trellis members. The beveled cut with a small starting notch is a rather classic design that keeps the trellis members from looking too ‘blunt’.

This week we started demolition of the kitchen and related work inside the home… stay tuned for further progress.


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