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As a business owner, you understand the importance of taking inventory. It feels good to know the exact amount of a product that you have available to customers. You strive to be on top of goods and services, and as a result, you have the ability to offer high-quality assistance and attention. A well-kept inventory goes a long way.

At Northfield Construction Company, we believe that this action can go beyond the stock that fills your shelves. We suggest that you take inventory of your commercial space this winter.

Taking inventory of a space? Can that work? Trust us; it can. It is simply walking around your business and understanding what’s working (and, more importantly, what isn’t).

Below, we’ve laid out a few areas of your office/commercial space that you can assess (it’ll only take you a few minutes!). You’ll be surprised at how much you can discover. Your space may be telling you that it is time to consider a renovation. We know that sounds like a large undertaking, but renovations don’t need to upend your life or your business. By the time you’ve finished reading this blog, our hope is that you can see how approachable a commercial renovation can be, and the difference it can make.

Here are just a few areas worth assessing as your take inventory of your space:

Waiting area: If your office provides a waiting area for customers, take a moment to enter the room with fresh eyes. If you were a customer, would you feel welcomed? Regardless of how large or small the space is, are you making the most of its square footage? Have you implemented adequate seating? Does the space feel open or closed off? Could it use a fresh coat of paint? Maybe it isn’t in an accessible spot, and the location of your waiting room needs to be completely moved! Often times, your waiting room is the first thing that a customer or potential customer experiences in your commercial space. Make it count!

Office layout: Does everything have a place in your office? Layouts are important, and if yours is cluttered and confusing, it will reflect negatively on your business. It might be time to take out a wall or two, or maybe just shift around whose office is whose. Take some time to consider what’s best for the efficiency of your business.

Potential for additions/expansions: Are you taking full advantage of your overall square footage? Or, maybe the better question is: could you use MORE space? Don’t get overwhelmed by the prospect of an office expansion. Our team can help run you through ideas to get the ball rolling!

Under-utilized spaces: Everyone has a spot in their office that hasn’t realized its purpose. Whether this is a corner or an entire room, under-utilized space can weigh on you as a business owner. Why aren’t you using that space? What is your office missing that could find a home in that space? What does that space need to thrive? Whether it’s a complete overhaul or some simple re-organization, tackling it head on will alleviate some of that weight.

Now that you’ve read our suggestions and taken inventory of your own space, are you ready to get started? Contact the Northfield Construction Company team today for commercial renovation guidance. Check out other commercial spaces we have built or renovated. 



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