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Project Name: Meyer Kitchen and Main Level Remodel

Area: Kitchen and Main Floor Updates
Project Manager: Chris Smisek
Site Supervisor: Brent Hadler

General information: Main scope is a high-end kitchen remodel; owner selected the designer. NCC and designer worked together to finalize project plans/documents.

Interesting aspects of the project: We had to structurally change the vaulted ceiling that was going East and West in the kitchen, to a barrel vault going north and south. Lead to structural modifications in the roof, trusses, walls, and an added footing in the basement. This created a gable roof looking out the kitchen windows. Fax beam and brackets on exterior holding this roof overhang up. Stone pillar interior 2.5 feet by 4 feet and to the ceiling, at back of stove and wraps around to the living room. High end kitchen cabinetry, Arched openings in walkways, Arched transom window over the kitchen sink, custom made trim to match these archways. High end appliances, Granite countertops, cabinet Hdwe., added T&G trim to new and old vaulted ceilings, along with crown molding. Replaced Entry and office ceiling due to existing ceiling cracking. All updated lighting, sound system, data, throughout the home.

Draftsman: Design 45
Lumber: Lamperts
HVAC: Keith Pumper P&H
Cement: NA
Cabinets: Nerstrand Custom Cabinets
Flooring: wood JET, Ceramic tile backsplash Bisek Interiors
Plumbing: Keith Pumper P&H
Electrical: Schulz
Paint: Woodland painting

Others: Tim Olson, Olson Brick