I mentioned in an earlier entry that we have been working on the Cannon Falls City Hall remodeling project in Cannon Falls. The building was the office for Minnesota Malting Company for many years and was constructed in the early 1970’s. The City of Cannon Falls purchased the office building some time ago and we are converting it to city offices and police headquarters.

Like many remodeling projects, you don’t always know what you will run into when you open up areas. We have had some surprises as we move forward on the project. This morning I was on site and examined some structural connections that probably need some upgrading. The joists are supported by hangers to a beam, but the workers didn’t install the proper number of fasteners when the building was originally constructed. Some of the nails were simply bent over rather than fully seated.

One of the things that makes commercial projects like this move along smoothly is good architectural services. Jon Neubauer and Brian Burmester from TSP Architects are doing a fine job overseeing the work. Today they were up on ladders inspecting things and gathering information to provide answers and instructions to us. I really appreciate good efforts from architects and engineers—-especially on remodeling work. Having architects properly do their job builds owner confidence that we are doing our job properly.


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