The past few weeks we have been working at finishing up a remodeling project for John Tymoczko and Alison Unger on Elm Street.

It is a nice project that includes remodeling the kitchen and dining area, and adding a new covered entry onto Fourth Street.

Northfield Construction Company’s commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction really is evident in projects such as this. John and Alison have had us provide remodeling services for them at least four pervious times. We have replaced windows, remodeled bathrooms, added a family room, etc. over the years. We all appreciate a customer that allows us to continue working with them on a long term basis.

The other good benefit for continued relationships is for the client. When we worked on the Tymoczko home a few years ago we knew the kitchen project was being contemplated. We were able to make some structural accommodations in our earlier project that made the current kitchen work flow much more smoothly. When a builder is familiar with a home it is much easier to plan the work and the pricing for the work reflects those efficiencies.


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