Ray Cox — a Northfield Builder and Community Leader

We mourn the passing of Ray Cox, the long-time owner and leader of Northfield Construction Company.  Our condolences go out to Ellen Cox and family in this difficult time.  Ray Cox was a pillar of our community.  He was a builder – a builder of employees, a builder of values and beliefs, a builder of an amazing family, and a builder of Northfield community.  His mark stretches well beyond the buildings he built and goes into the fabric of what makes Northfield a great place to live.  We have lost a great leader and a true Northfield treasure.  We celebrate his life and leadership and are thankful for all the contributions he made to make Northfield Construction Company and the Northfield community great.

-Chris Kennelly and the Northfield Construction Company team



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  • NCCBlog

    Posted on Nov 11, 2017 at 10:00 am

    Well said Chris. Another big one got away!

  • NCCBlog

    Posted on Nov 28, 2017 at 21:41 pm

    Hello NCC friends, We owe all of you a debt of gratitude for the exceptional work you did ten years ago on our school building project. We are saddened by the loss of Ray Cox, who was so supportive and encouraging to us in starting MCH. I searched the blog archives here looking for the proof of that support and, of course, found it in the words of your former leader at NCC. I am posting them here as a tribute to Ray. Montessori Children's House - An Environment for Discovery and Learning Established, 2007 Ray Cox, thank you for helping build our dream! From the NCC Blog-- New Montessori school - June 14, 2007- A week or so ago we started remodeling work for a new Montessori school in Northfield. It is called the Montessori Children’s House and will be open for business this fall. Information about the school is available on their website…. The site is located immediately south of the new Middle School, just off highway 246. The structure was used as a home so we have a fair amount of work to do to convert it to a school. The first order of business involves quite a bit of site work. We need to provide adequate parking, adequate drive entrance, and sufficient turn-around areas for vehicles. We will be adding a front entrance to the building, as well a creating a lower level handicap entrance area. Monday we poured the footings for the new entry at the front and rear of the building. One of the bigger tasks involved the removal of the existing concrete basement floor. The building official determined that the existing floor to ceiling height was 2” lower than the height prescribed by the building code. Our only viable solution was to remove the concrete floor, excavate soils, and re-lay a new concrete floor. While this floor removal created a significant expense, it did allow us the opportunity to install a quality under-floor drainage system. We used perforated drain tile with a filter fabric cover and set it in a bed of washed pea rock. This system drains to an interior sump pit where water can be monitored and removed. The school has a beautiful back yard that will be used for outdoor activities once we finish up our work… We are working hard to get a lot of work done in a short time on this project. School opening is not far away! Montessori Children’s House - July 17, 2007 Work has been progressing nicely on the Montessori Children’s House in Northfield. If you have driven south of town on highway 246 you may have seen us working on the house. We’ve buttoned up most of the work related to the new entry area, creating a very inviting entrance to the school… There will be a new handicap lower level entrance as well. Inside the new entrance is a stairway connecting the upper and lower areas. We had to remove the existing concrete floor in the lower level to gain code required headroom for the school. The new floor has been installed, framing and insulation completed, and we are now installing drywall on the walls and ceiling…. As part of the exterior work we installed a new concrete handicap ramp from the front of the site to the rear of the building. This will provide good, safe access for everyone using the school. Montessori Children’s House - August 21, 2007 Our workers have been busy at the new Montessori Children’s House school that we are creating just south of the Northfield Middle School. We’ve been working to complete the interior work for the school—-which has been a good place to be during the heavy rains. The lower level turned out to be very bright and light with the addition of the new door and windows… The new stairway and entry provide excellent access for parents and children…. Both floor levels have small child toilet facilities. They incorporate child size water closets that are just 10” high... We protected the existing oak floors and had them refinished, creating a fine looking classroom space on the main level. The exterior play yard is looking beautiful, with a great garden area…. The sandbox has been installed, along with play bridges… We have asphalt paving to complete and create the parking and drive areas… In a week or so things should be completed and ready for business!

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