Project Update: Seeds Farm

We’ve been working on a really cool project and we are excited to share the progress with you! Seeds Farm is a vegetable farm located in Northfield, Minnesota. The produce locally grown, pesticide free, and nutrient dense food. They grow their food using sustainable farming techniques, hard work, sunshine, and good earth. Seeds grows over 100 varieties of vegetables to sell wholesale.

This build has tons of unique features including Structurally Insulated Panels or ‘SIP’s’ for short, in-floor heating, custom cabinets, a full kitchen, a huge cooler in the packaging area, steel siding, Marvin Windows, vaulted ceilings, and a really unique crows nest with incredible views! The floor is all concreted, and roof has 6 skylights. The East side of the building has a Portico roof and the West side of the building has a patio with a future Pergola planned.

Stay tuned for more updates from our team!


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