As fall weather starts to arrive those of us in the construction industry start to think about heating our projects. We use a variety of heating equipment to maintain required temperatures during winter construction. As you might suspect, heating a project can be a real challenge. Our Site Superintendents and workers have to pay a lot of attention to closing up openings, equipment operation, fuel supply and safety.

Last winter we started to use a non-adjustable thermostat made by Jackson Systems. It is really slick. It looks like a large wire nut but actually has a small pre-set thermostat inside the coating.

This device allows installation of insulation, polyethylene sheeting, drywall, paint, etc. without removing a standard thermostat. A regular thermostat always has to be re-set level and is vulnerable to dust and damage. These Jackson single temperature thermostats work well for our construction needs.

It is great to continually see new products and devices being developed for the construction industry. Northfield Construction Company staff attend seminars, trade shows and association meetings to share information and learn about new products. This helps us provide cost effective services to our clients, and do it in a proper, safe manner.