Progress At New Brick Oven Bakery Site

In case you hadn’t heard the saws and jackhammers, there is some serious construction happening in Northfield. The Brick Oven Bakery is moving from its current location on Professional Drive to the Crossings. Brick Oven, known for its preservative-free handcrafted breads, is excited for the big move. The new location, more visible than the previous, is located on the corner of Highway 3 and 3rd Street.

Northfield Construction Company got involved on the project because bakeries require a specific space. If you stuck your head in the door right now, you will find studs, plywood, and a construction crew. Soon, though, you will find the scent of snickerdoodles, Black Forest Cake, and their famous cinnamon rolls.

We are proud to be working with Brick Oven Bakery on their new space at the Crossing Commercial building. Attached are some photos of the progress. The new location will feature guest seating, an expanded menu, and other great amenities for Brick Oven guests. We’ll be working hard over the summer to build out the space and get them ready to open.


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